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The Cthulhu Mythos
Day 2
The next morning you awaken to the smell of frying fish. Outside the bearers are chatting in their native languages. It’s another hot morning and sweat soaks your body.
Hartley warns you to mentally prepare yourself for the jungle. The feeling is like nothing else around.
When the camp is packed up and the mules readied Niguel leads the way with machete in hand.
As the knife comes down across the leaves, progress is now slow. Almost immediately the humidity engulfs you, oppressively trapping your body between the trees that tower 40ft above you. Creepers and vines wrap around the trunks and branches. The smell of mud and rotting vegetation is everywhere, animals whine, chatter and buzz.
It takes you 1 hour to reach the river you had been following yesterday and a rope bridge that Niguel must have been looking for. As the party crosses slowly, the mules cross 1 at a time.
In order to avoid travelling at the hottest time of the day, the bearers set out the canvas awning and the party breaks for a couple hours. More fish and sweet potatoes arrive on a plate for you. Flies swarm around you and the fish. There is a cry from one of the bearers and you see him pointing at the horizontal trunk of a dead tree. You then notice, sitting on the trunk a black and golden tarantula, much larger than your hand. It’s helped itself to the fish entrails and is eating them.
The predatory nature of the jungle comes to life in your mind. Where everything can kill in order to survive. Even the giant leaves attack and many of the bearers arms are bleeding from small cuts caused by inch long barbs on the end of each leaf. You will only be going deeper and deeper into the bowels of the jungle. There will be no quick escape from something trying to kill you. Yes you can shoot it, but what will come next? What will be stalking you from around the next corner?
After the rest you begin to make progress. Some bearers have worked on cutting a path through the plantation and have already moved the mules on. Unfortunately it is only a few minutes until you catch up with them. The flies are itching, landing on you, something bites. Some of you are mentally prepared, but for some of you the jungle is a worse place than you could imagine.

By nightfall, and the time when the camp is set up, your legs are weary, the joints of your arms are tired and bugs are beginning to land on you. As the camp is established you sit down and watch the bearers prepare for the night. Stars are glittering in the sky. Insects are calling.

In the days afterwards you find out that some of the bearers disappeared and swam in the pool beneath a waterfall that night.
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