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The Cthulhu Mythos
Day 3
As you emerge from your tent in the morning the sun is already high in the sky and it's hot. A layer of mist has engulfed the floor of the jungle this morning and you’d forgotten how suffocating the air was. It’s grip is like a hand over your mouth and the unsatisfying feeling of a deep breath taken through your nose.
Breakfast is mashed root vegetables with egg. It tastes like rations but at least it isn’t fish!
The bearers have been out scouting for the last two hours and Niguel informs you that they have found a route along the river that should make travelling easier until lunch. The bearers have taken the mules on a longer route earlier in the morning.

After a steep climb up the side of a cliff face, for which Norville had to be hoisted by a rope the route turns out to be a riverbank and you end up frequently walking in thick clay-like mud. Its okay for the mules and those walking barefoot but not for those in cumbersome walking boots. Niguel and Carl slip into the river but following some quick reactions from Jackson he helps them both back up the riverbank.

Three of the bearers went hunting in the late afternoon and returned with three capybara’s. After roasting them over and open fire for dinner the smell gets the attention of a jaguar that stalked them that evening.

After the party had turned in for the night the jaguar struck resulting in the deaths of Wahya and InGwi.

Days travelled: 2.5/40
Bearers alive: 22/24
(Deceased: InGwi, Wahya)
Mule's alive: 10/10
Rations remaining: 55 days
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