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Rise of the Runelords
September 22nd, 2014
The group inside the house decided to drop off loot outside, and join their comrades to get them up to speed with what all has happened. While discussing, Reiner and Nevik managed to make it through the forest, cart and all.

REINER: "Caldbolg cleared the way, but it certainly took some work. We started working our way to you as soon as we overheard fighting."

The party introduced Nevik and Reiner to the Black Arrows they rescued, and also got them up to speed on the current mission. Nevik, eager to get into some action, wanted to come along with the group to the basement. Vincent decided to take moment to heal wounds, letting the rest of the gang go along without him. Valtyra, Naolexa, Nevik, and Shalelu all headed down into the basement.

Before them were three doors; right, left, and in front of them. The room to the right, as Valtyra discovered, housed nothing but a large pile of human skin. Valtyra closed the door quickly, disgusted.

She then went to the door that was originally on their left, which opened to a storeroom area with another set of doors in the back corner. The piles of stuff here all seemed useless, as they peered over the belongings, so they continued through to the next door. A small hallway greeted them, and while they were persistent on keeping an eye out for traps, they made it to another set of doors with no problems.

However, through the next door was something completely unexpected. A tendriculos greeted them, and as soon as it could, it got a grip of Valtyra. Naolexa warned everyone of these creatures having very potent paralyzation fluids in their stomach to eat their prey, so the party worked viciously to try to cut Valtyra free. Luckily, Nevik managed to stab the Tendriculos in just the right spot, forcing it to drop Valtyra and focus it's attention elsewhere. Naolexa conjured up a fire elemental to help burn the creature, knowing a tendriculos possessed powerful regeneration capabilities. With enough work, the group brought the beast down to the ground, as the fire elemental singed it's flora body to stop the regeneration. Next to them, a small door opened up to a closet area, revealing a chest.

The chest contained the loot of the Black Arrows, along with a few other things only assumed to be "trophies" from previous kills.

They found Jakardros' bow, identified by Shalelu, two rapiers and a pistol, all of which had the Black Arrow insignia somewhere upon it. The armor they found was in pleasant condition as well.

They grabbed everything and began to work their way up when they remembered that there was one room they hadn't explored. Nevik quietly opened the door to reveal a ogrekin was work at a workbench here, along with two giant rats by his side. He took the opportunity to sneak up on the ogrekin, and stabbed him in the back. The rest of the gang joined in, as they quickly took out the ogrekin, and skewered the rats. They grabbed what they could find and continued up stairs.

Outside, they presented the gear back to the Black Arrows, who were glad to still see it in one piece. While they suited up in the barn, the group decided to just kill off Rukus, as he might have been more of a nuisance than it was worth.

Everyone headed back to Turtleback Ferry to allow people to rest, sell, and create a plan to take Fort Rannick back from the ogres.
Session: Game Session - Tuesday, Sep 23 2014 from 12:00 AM to 3:00 AM
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