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Star Wars: Outlaws
Game Session 2 summary
Our heroes (joined by some other employees of Calligan's who had been off-planet when Chak framed him) meet with Cikatro Vizago, a Devaronian arms dealer who Calligan knew of and had dealings with before. He agreed to tell the crew where Chak was and have his slicer install a variable transponder in the Golden Opportunity if they would steal some information for him from the Bureau of Ships and Services on a ship called The Starry Night. The crew stole some Imperial uniforms from the Imperial Maintenance Depot and pulled a fairly successful scam, posing as medics doing an inspection the BoSS office. Just as they were preparing to leave, the officer in charge of the office caught on to the scam and was stunned. A real medical team arrived before the crew could clear out and a shootout with security ensured (two Imperial security guards were killed in the shootout). Still, the crew escaped with 15 new ID's for the ship (6 current, 9 old) and the information Vizago requested. His slicer installed the transponder, but as the crew was returning to pick up Calligan, they found an Imperial lander and a squad of stormtroopers arresting him.

(What happened?! Tune in next time to find out!)
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