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Rise of the Runelords
October 14th, 2014
The heroes came to a decision on how to raid Fort Rannick: They were going to infiltrate it from the Eastern Gate by utilizing a grappling hook and scaling the side. Nevik and Dov decided to try and get a better view of the current status of the fort by getting up in a tree nearby. While the South Gate did have quite a few ogres, the grounds themselves were actually quite barren. They saw only one ogre at the eastern gate, so the group traveled through the Kreeg Woods to a section close to the east gate. They left the cart in the capable hands of Reiner and Oswin, and Nevik swigged a potion, rendering him invisible, as he dashed straight for the ogre at the gate, polishing something in his left hand. As Nevik attacked, he saw a polished human skull roll away from the mess.

Nevik set up the rope for the party to climb up with, and eventually the party made their way up. Getting a better look at the scene, they noticed three things; 1) The new barrack was indeed made out of wood, and had a fair amount of noise coming from it. 2) The South Gate had 4 guards posted there, one missing a lower jar and wielding an ogre hook. 3) One of the building closest to the party looked like it was ready to collapse.

The group decide to split into two teams. Nevik, Vincent, Jakardros, and Shalelu would head to the south gate, while Naolexa, Dov, Valtyra, Jubrayl, and Kaven would handle anything that might pop out from atop the wall. The South Gate party rushed over to prep to strike, as a Fireball from Naolexa came crashing into the barracks. It caught the attention of the guards, as they heard loud bouts of screaming. Nevik went in to kill one of guards up top of the tower, as the other three started firing arrows.

Meanwhile, the East Gate team noticed some noises starting from the old building. Naolexa quickly flung a lightning bolt towards it, bringing it all crashing down on whoever was inside of it. as the dust settled, a large ogre burst from the rubble, and threw a javelin at the wall, right at Valtyra. The party easily whittled away at the beast, felling it with little injury.

However, the South Gate scene had a few troubles. Nevik took the opprotunity when the other ogre up top the tower tripped on his way down to leap uptop of him, causing death from above. However, the other two ogres saw this and flanked him. One ogre fell to his wounds as Shaeleu riddled him with arrows. However, the one ogre that remained was the larger one with the hook, and the vicious-looking weapon cleaved a good blow into Nevik. Nevik managed to duck out of harm's way, and the party fell the foe before them.

Both gates cleared, two building destroyed, and a large fort in front of them. Before our heroes could get comfortable, a large ogre came from the cook house and it stood aghast at the site in front of him.
Session: Game Session - Tuesday, Oct 14 2014 from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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