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Rise of the Runelords
October 28th, 2014
As our heroes gathered on the ground level of the fortress, they hear an unsettling sound. Grunts from a massive creature, as it exits what was known as the cook house. The heroes worked together to bring the creature down, but not without Kaven running into some very big swings. Bruised and battered, Kaven suggested to the party to perhaps switch spots with Oswin and Reiner, as they are perhaps more suited to take blows from ogres instead of himself. "I can tend to my wounds at the cart instead of slowing you guys down." After some muttering under the other Black Arrow's breath, the heroes agreed for this trade and worked together to get the south gate open and accessible.

Turning their attention to the Fort, the battered doors blocked their path. A little wedged by some shoddy repairs, Valtyra and Reiner were able to tug enough to get the doors open wide enough to get through. As they entered, they treaded lightly for the heard the sounds of humming from their right side, and the clanking of armor from the left. The party decided instead of getting ambushed from behind them by focusing on one room, they would split up the efforts for these two noise sources. Oswin and Jubrayl headed for the humming door, Shalelu and Naolexa ready at ranged, while Reiner, Valtyra, Jakradros, and Kibb readied themselves for the possibility of additional foes.

Oswin and Jubrayl busted down the door to find a ogre using a human's corpse as a paint brush, painting the walls with blood and other wastes. They went straight to work, with Jubrayl slicing the ogre across the eyes, blinding him. As they pummeled the ogre to pieces, another two ogres looking to be of lower ranking, tried to squeeze themselves through the door to join the fight. Luckily, Reiner was at the ready, and swiftly cleaved into them with his Caladbolg.

As the fight wrapped up, they gathered the ogres weapons and threw them out in the court yard area to tend to them later. Jubrayl and Jakradros helped tremendously with the navigation of the other rooms, with the party working together to clear out the this floor. They tactically handled the barracks within the fort,as 4 ogres attempted to pelt Valtyra with javalins. All of them found themselves sticking in the door, however, as arrows and fireballs came crashing in from both sides.

Further in, they found themselves in the infirmary room. A grotesque scene, as this room as more of the organs splattered about the room. A unfortunate man found his fate here, the cleric of the Black Arrows. He was found propped up in a position that displayed him eating his own intestines with a spoon. Jakradros especially enraged, the ogre in the room clapped happy seeing his had new "subjects" to play with. Of course, our heroes brought this foe down with great speed, avenging the death of the cleric.

The heroes were left with two choices: Go upstairs to what was reported as the captains room and chapel? Or go downstairs to what was reported to be the dungeon rooms? They decided to go upstairs to attempt to find just exactly who is leading all of these ogres, and maybe even find out who Xanesha's sister is...
Session: Take Back Fort Rannick! - Wednesday, Oct 29 2014 from 12:30 AM to 3:30 AM
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