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Star Wars: Outlaws
Game session 2.5.1
The crew watches from a distance as Calligan, surrounded by stormtroopers, boards the landing shuttle. Susal seems unnerved by the situation, but is fully cooperative (probably a good idea on her part). Last to board the ship is an officer of some type wearing a grey Imperial uniform with chest armor and an open-faced helmet. As the ship takes off, Akaron watches it through a pair of macrobinoculars as seems that it is headed toward a star destroyer in orbit.

Once the coast is clear, the crew heads back to Susal's home. She explains:
"Everything happened quickly. I don't know how they knew he was here. The odd thing is that shortly before it happened, he warned me. He knew they were coming and he told me to go along with whatever they wanted. The man in grey introduced himself as Agent Raske of the ISB. They said very little other than that he was under arrest.
The last thing Cal told me before they got here was to tell you to NOT come after him. It's suicide, he said. He suggested you may want to change your identities somehow because he wasn't sure if he would be able to resist their interrogation. If he can't, you'll be in danger."

(Out of character: do you have any questions for Susal? Also, I need the party to decide if you are going to follow what Calligan said or ignore him and try to rescue him.)
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I believe my character would begin asking about any possible information on the supposed Bounty Hunter that attacked the party during operation "Steal the Uniforms".
Other than that, it would be very difficult for me to change my ID, due to being a Wookiee. Regardless of what I call myself, the Empire would still hunt/arrest me.
Speaking Basic "We should probably do as Calligan requested. Even if we were lucky enough to get up and onto that star destroyer, I don't think we have the knowledge or skill to pull off a rescue right now. That's not to say I like the idea of leaving him in Imperial hands, but I don't see much option at the moment. Given that there are a few in our group who have some notoriety with the Empire, changing identity may pose some problem but is probably the best thing we can do. Better to be just a Selkath or Wookie rather than the Selkath or Wookie they are looking for. There are some means we might be able to use, if we can find them, to help with this, but I doubt it'll be cheap. At least our ship can change identities now. Ultimately, I think we need to find some form of help...our run ins with the Empire are coming too quick to be coincidence and we're rapidly running out of personal resources."

"Susal, I am sorry to ask, but do you know of any communications from your household to any Imperial locations? The only way I can think for them to have known Calligan was here would be if someone told them. The only other option I can conceive is that Calligan did it himself for some reason, but that doesn't make much sense to me right now. If it was someone inside your household, even against your wishes, your security may be compromised and none of us are safe here."
To the wookiee: "I don't know anything about a bounty hunter attack? What uniforms did you steal? I don't know what your group has been up to, but it sounds like it might be best for me that way."

To Akaron: "I don't know of any communications sent from here. Cal said you went to see a shady character he used to associate with. Who was it?"
In Basic"It was a Devaronian by the name of Vizago. Calligan believed he would be the best person to speak with about changing our ship's identity as well as having information on our former compatriot, Chak. He did come through on both accounts, though it was necessary for us to undertake some additional actions to obtain the materials we needed for Vizago to deliver on our needs...including obtaining some Imperial uniforms to enter the BSS. I wouldn't have put it past Vizago to tip someone off to our whereabouts if there was profit in it for him, but in this case he didn't know exactly when or how we would be obtaining the ship transponder codes. That sniper was in an ideal position and would have either had to have some specific knowledge about our movements, or been waiting there for us for some time."
Vizago!? He and Cal have a history...and not a friendly one. Some of his guys hijacked one of Cal's ships a few years back. Cal came and demanded the ship and goods back. Vizago actually returned the ship, but not the rest. Cal decided to take the ship and consider himself lucky. Vizago isn't known as a murderer, but he's also not someone to push too far.

He could be the one who turned Cal in, but unless you told him he was here, I'm not sure how he would have known. As far as the sniper...I have no idea. It would be unusual of Vizago to double-cross someone while they were doing a job for him, however.

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If the party isn't going to go after Cal, there are a number of things you can do.

The first, is to confront Vizago. He may or may not have been who turned in Cal (or he may know who did). He may also have more jobs for you if you are looking for employment.

Second, you can go to Tattooine. There, you have your choice of continuing after Chak, or finding work with Lady Valarian (or both).

Third, you know that Cal has friends back on Onderon who might be willing to help you. They have been forming a resistance group against the Empire. So far, they've done little more than harass a few stormtroopers, but they have been gaining the admiration of the locals.

Or...you can do something else. You have a ship and a big, open galaxy. The Empire is looking for most of you, but there are LOTS of places to hide.