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A Selected Letter by Sgt. Jonathon Edward, 1st Brookhaven Curissers, 3rd Aven Expiditionary Force
Dear Esther,

I write to you in the one-hundred-and-third day of my captivity, best as I may reckon it. I unfortunately cannot remember the date, so I will make no estimate of the current one. I must apologize for the long gap in correspondence, but it could not be helped; my ink and paper were confiscated quite a while ago, in preparation for a most ghastly and unusual voyage.

Four other prisoners - Gene, Harry, Malcom, Antony - and I were marched to a rail line and loaded into a shipping crate. Inside was an Ortevan man in a pale white lab coat; about half of the space inside was for him, half was for the five of us. Needless to say the journey was unpleasant for everyone involved. He said not a word to us. Periodically, he took things down in a small pocket-book.

Again I must beg your forgiveness, but I cannot estimate with any degree of certainty the amount of time I spent inside this rail car. It could have been days, weeks, or perhaps months. For my own sake, I estimate half-a-day of rail travel, then three days by ship, because I would not like to imagine it any longer, and I do know how time seems to crawl when one is trapped in the most unpleasant of circumstances.

From the crate, we were unloaded into some kind of underground complex, teeming with glassey-eyed Ortevans in the same white laboratory coats as our erstwhile companion. The noise was deafening and the atmosphere oppressive, so I expect my ears were playing tricks on my when I thought I heard screams and cries coming for behind one imposing steel door. The noise was of machinery, and it seemed to be coming from everywhere at once - the hissing of steam or devils, grinding of gears, and the pained cries of metal on metal. We were marched down a long, pale hallway deposited in a large, empty jail cell, far more spacious than our previous confinement. When I asked for ink and paper, it was provided, after a time. I remain your loving,

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