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Rise of the Runelords
November 11th, 2014
Our Heroes continued up the stairs of Fort Rannick to try and find the leader of this takeover. Before them were three different doors. Jakradros explained that they lead to the chapel, the tribunal, and the captain's quarters. With the chapel being the closest door, Nevik readied himself to open the door.

Meanwhile, a shadowy figure kept hidden watching the group. It kept itself around the corner, waiting to observe the groups movements. As Nevik opened the door, the Heroes sneaked up on the massive ogre currently in the chapel. As soon as he heard the Ogre roar, the figure rushed into the chapel to join the fight.

This figure was Yama, a vanaran rogue who recently enlisted with the Black Arrows about two weeks before the Fort was taken over. Yama rushed into the scene to help bring down one of his most hated foes: giants. As soon as the ogre fell to the floor, it was Yama who first leaped up onto the back of the ogre, cutting into it multiple times in a frenzy. When he was satisfied, he hopped down to meet gazes from our heroes, most flabbergasted at the sight of a human-sized monkey attacking an ogre. Jakradros and Jubrayl greeted him warmly, as Yama would most of time travel with these two on patrols. He was not with the group when the fort was overtaken, but he certainly did not leave alone. They ran into an ambush on their way back, and Yama was the only survivor who escaped. Jakradros offered for Yama to join the group, as they were focusing on taking back the fort from the ogres. Yama agreed, but said he wanted to locate his stuff while he was here too.

The group moved onto to the Tribunal, as Nevik tried to get the surprise on an ogre found in there. They dispatched this ogre and the other with little effort, as Nevik also released the Black Arrows bodies that were found hanging from the rafters. Yama went to the map room, not only to find some of his stuff, but also some maps of unknown areas to him. He stashed these and rejoined the group. Nevik explored the storeroom found connected to here, but nothing seemed to be of importance in these ruined rooms.

The moved onto the Captain's quarters, steeling themselves for a fight. They heard some muffled talking, so they knew some trouble was to be found here. Opening the door, they revealed two different ogres than before; one in robes and the other with a giant metal jaw. The group took out the robed one easily, but it did manage to get a spell off that left Reiner and Yama confused. Yama accidentally tried to swipe at Reiner, but his sickle simple clanged against Reiner's armor.
The ogre got plently of good hits into Jubrayl, but our Heroes dispatched the metal-jawed ogred before any trouble happened.

The dust settles, and our Heroes remained. Where will the group go now? Down to the dungeon floor? Or will they begin to look elsewhere for more of the Sihedron? The downpour outside continues to stir the dirt.
Session: Take Back Fort Rannick! Part Duex - Tuesday, Nov 11 2014 from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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