"Keep yourself out of the grime. The common folk don't understand the power of noble blood. There is more to our heritage than lands, rank, and riches. There is a tangible power that comes with your noble birth. Don't dilute the blood." -Salashim

Salashik stood just outside the dining hall. The finery of the keep was his only reprise from the invasion of decay. He didn't like the direction his family was taking, but he could feel the decline. He was young, but spare time in the dimly lit corridors and passages showed the true character of the stronghold. Only the more public parts of the castle were maintained anymore. Sinnares did his best to keep up appearances, but that was all they were.

The dreaded dinner was to be the occasion of announcement of the marriage. A hearty feast of the finest beefalo would mark the first step on a new path for the family. Most members looked forward to this change, seeing the lovely Lirina as a new infusion of strength for the family. Sinnares, by all accounts, was making the best choice of his life.

Salashik disagreed.

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Oh man... the times that 1 point disadvantages feel like 2 point disadvantages :P
Must resist urge to kill fellow player's character
I almost did Jason so that might help you feel better.