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Star Wars: Outlaws
Game session 3.0
The crew decided to leave Devaron and head back to Onderon to meet Cal's independently-minded friends. The contact was a male Mon Calamari named Rekara. After an initial meeting at his place of business, the crew met up later with the rest of his team in a warehouse where they were searched well before any conversations began. After informing Rekara that Cal had been captured, it was decided that the crew should go to Tattooine to not only get Chak, but turn him over to Lady Valarian in hopes of getting some weapons for the cause.

It should also be noted that a squad of stormtroopers was going around Mos Eisley asking about a gruff-looking human they had a picture of.

On Tattooine, the crew met with Lady Valarian and arranged to have her people watch for Chak to locate him while the party would actually make the capture. Valarian wants Chak and Noocha. Any weapons he has will go to the crew. While waiting, they met with some jawas and helped to repair their sandcrawler in return for some parts that Stex was able to turn into a working landspeeder, a swoop bike, and a functional, but somewhat quirky, astromech droid.

Valarian's people found that Chak was leasing an old ship repair station a few kilometers out of town from Jabba and running his small operation from there. While observing the place, the crew saw the man the Empire was looking for get killed by Chak and his men.

The plan became for half the crew to approach in the Golden Opportunity while the other half comes in from the ground.

How will it all come together?!
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