Super-duper Boss Battle
In the early hours of the morning Prince Robot was awakened by a strange message tube from Ryan, Ban, Wall-E, and Oricle. He rushed to Jazzo's estate where he was in time to find a chaotic scene.

Oricle and Ryan had fused the Noobilek into a solid mass of metal with a molecular bonder in an effort to stop Vangel from opening more Hellveigns.

Wall-E and Ban took the fight to Vangel and wounded him grievously.

Vangel, who lost what was left of his humanity and mind when he learned of the destruction of the orb, began to sacrifice Jazzo's brain-slaves to fuel a dark resurrection ritual. Jazzo himself was destroyed by vangel. With each sacrifice Vangel became stronger.

Vangel ignited the runes with his dark flame. Wall-E, in a desperate attempt to halt the ritual, flung the mindless body of a brain-slave into the growing rift that had opened in the conflux of the flaming runes.

A darkness stirred beyond the portal and as the lifeless body became incinerated by the blaze of energy a new voice spoke from beyond time and space. The ashes of the mind-slave swirled and coalesced into a new form that now stood amidst the chaos. The figure spoke. It was Arcturius Banesfellow. He had returned from his exile in the Void Chasm!

Arcturius Banesfellow and Vangel left in a flash of smoke and fire.

The brain-slaves who still had bodies were returned to their forms and freed. The vaults of Jazzo were appropriated by the Sloth Troop Captain Prince Robot. Sometimes it's hard being a t.v.-headed hover-sloth rider. Sometimes it seems like it might be easier to be a brain-slave...

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