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A New Dawn
Prologue - The First Gear Turns
As the last images of the ruins of Esraisvale and the elf Felaern fade from the surface of the small pool, the old man looks across the room at his counterpart. Searching the ancient eyes of his old friend for any traces of doubt. “It has begun, we are past the point of no return. What was once halted, must now be started anew.” His friend answers: “What was once taken, must now be returned. The old pact can no longer be allowed to continue. It is, and always was a mistake, an abomination.” The old man nods in agreement. He then turns, a device set atop a pedestal. “It is time.”
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ooooo.... cryptic!
Soooooooo much evil laughter is had in my living room this day... good thing I live alone.