Ready to Talk
“Look, I’ve got all day. I can sit here and drink this fine coffee – what is this, a Dreffen dark roast? Excellent bite to it. – all day long.”

“Seriously? You think we don’t know what’s been going on here? You think you’re getting away with something here? Let me tell you something, we know. We know, and we don’t care.”

“ No, we don’t care. People have ‘urges’, ‘needs’. So long as they don’t make it someone else’s problem, we don’t care. But your partner… now there’s where we start caring. Right now you’re the one in the sights. I think you’re a good guy, just doing what needs done, trying to get ahead in the game, do well for his family – by the way, your son looks just like you. I think it’s your buddy that’s the real trouble. Problem is, not everyone thinks so. What I need from you is a name and information.”

“Oh, you are funny. You honestly think I’d be here alone? We don’t operate that way. But feel free, I’m sure your son would understand.”

“Calm down. You’ll make a scene. Neither of us wants that. But I will take another cup of that Dreffen Dark. And a scone, one of the apple ones. Your wife bakes these herself, doesn’t she?”

“Your buddy’s done a real swell job of staying just out of sight. But no one is that good all the time. Either you can give me what I want – and one more of those delicious scones – or we can find it out some other way. Of course, if we have to go a different route, then I won’t be able to put in a good word for you.”

“I’m so glad we had this opportunity to talk. Of course, this never happened. But my compliments to your wife, those are truly amazing scones!”
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