First love
Sweating, short of breath, and terrified is no way to wake up but it is the way it has been for as long as he can remember. Before he is even out of bed the terror has turned to exhilaration as he grabs his tools and his book and bolts for the door. Silence greets him as he steps onto the street. That unique silence that you get in a city once the nightlife has gone to bed and before most are awake(any city with elves never truly sleeps). The blanket of darkness also helps to keep the atmosphere very still though in a city infused with magic and prayers it is also never truly dark.

He had to focus on his destination else his fascination with the city would delay him and he absolutely could not be late. He raced past many a building that he had drawn in the past and others that he had added to his 'to do' list. To him the city was an exotic forest of structures of unimaginable beauty, awe inspiring size, and magnificent architecture. Fear of spying something that had previously escaped his attention kept his eyes glued to the road in front of him. It was easy to imagine that he was the only soul in the city and that in this moment the city was his. The two of them belonged to each other and no one could disturb these sacred seconds shared between them. He could only dream of what these moments would be like when he lived in the other cities and he definitely planned on spending quite a bit of time in all of them.

He reached his destination and started climbing the winding majestic staircase that led to the roof where he was sure the view would be everything he had hoped for. He was not disappointed and had to shake himself to focus as he was left dumbstruck at the first glimpse of the city from his current view. He quickly chose a place to sit as he could see the first light of the sun start to diminish the magical light that lit the city at night. Letting out a sigh of relief he selected the best instrument for the job, opened his book and began to draw the vista before him. He could hardly contain his glee as the first actual ray of sunshine stabbed through the city introducing itself to the morning. "You're late, as usual."
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Oh what a night, mused Ingleroad to himself as he seated himself on a bench outside one of the city's many parks. He wiggled his toes in the early morning air, and knuckled his heavy-lidded eyes. His contact had given good information, and he'd spent most of the night trailing and observing his quarry. With what he'd seen, he had a good half-dozen more leads to follow up on.

Taking a sip from his now luke-warm coffee, he watched as a young man came hurriedly along the street, a bundle under his arm. With never a glance aside, the youth rushed by, intent upon his destination. Odd, the inspector's mind piped. It's too early for legitimate business and that kind of intensity bears scrutiny. With a quiet harrumph, Ingleroad set out to follow this curiosity.

Through the city the human led the Halfling. When he ascended the stairs, Ingleroad crept closer. Watching as the man unpacked the bundle of sketch books, pencils and pigments, he quickly realized what he was about. Another damn artist, he muttered quietly, slipping back along the stairs as the sun's first rays slowly chased him him down the wall.
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