Crisis of Conscience
It didn't go quite as planned, but after Kamron told me our youngest sister Leiponi had been forced to marry the youngest Wing son and was being abused by him, the Captain, crew, and I went to save her. It turns out cousin Caelanna was there too. We managed to get both of them out.

But...there's a bit of a snag. I offered myself to Geoffrey in exchange for Leiponi. I didn't see any way out of it, since he was at the other end of a room and using her as a shield.

I mean, I managed to get out of there before he used me to replace her, but...that I gave my word, and I went back on it. I'm struggling with that; I have no idea what will happen because of it.

I'm not really sure it was worth it.

Too, Leiponi may never believe what I did for her. And will she hate me for running away, again?

I have a tough decision ahead...
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