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Legacy of Fire
Session Five
Having returned to Almah’s encampment, the defeated band briefly trades words with one of Almah’s personal guard, before seeking out Father Zastoran to mend their wounds. Though the learned priest is quick to dispense patronizing wisdom about the virtues of patience and discretion, he nevertheless assents to healing the many injuries sustained by the mercenaries during their last foray. With these matters taken care of, the four retire to their tent for the night, recuperating before setting out for a second time the next day.

A few hours after dawn, the four intrepid adventurers return to the Monastery of Sarenrae and prepare for battle. Aiming to catch the wretched pugwampis by surprise, the band charges forth into the sunless chapel, and begins launching a volley of javelins, arrows, and magical energy at the desert imps’ vile nest. The pugwampis return fire, though not nearly with the fervor that they did so the previous day, and Alimah and Kahir are able to scale an old, rusty ladder to the rafters above. Fearlessly charging across the rotten beams, Kahir rushes towards the Pugwampi tent, but is stopped short as the timbers beneath his feet crumble, catapulting him to the floor far below. Alimah, however, displaying a grace and lightness, far surpassing her physical appearance, dances nimbly along the rafters without so much as causing them to splinter, and brings the fight to the monsters’ den. Viciously carving a hole in their nest, she proceeds to slay half their number in a deadly scimitar dance. Kahir, Aziz, and Waleed, meanwhile, are able to eliminate the remaining divs with their combined ranged support. With the scrimmage won, the four collect themselves and investigate the room, discovering among piles of gnoll fetishes a hidden cache of gems and gold pieces, as well as the tattered remnants of a book dedicated to Sarenrae. The pious and devout Kahir takes a few moments to clean the soiled alter of the Goddess, offering her humble prayers—taking notice of his acts of holiness, Sarenrae blesses her champion.

Kahir, Aziz, Waleed, and Alimah then return to the southern end of the temple, and make preparations to delve into the dark basement of ruined building. Though the stairs downward are lined with a suspicious mold, Aziz notes that such mold is not harmful, and further, that its arrangement is highly unusually; the band continues downward. The passage opens into a large laboratory containing several alembics, beakers, and vials filled with a strange greenish ooze. A table at the center of the room is blanketed with the same suspicious mold as coated the doors above, though here in far greater concentration. As the group spreads out to investigate, the green slime in the jars shivers, before erupting forth in a shower of glass to assail the party. Two slime molds acting under a peculiar intelligence, swarm the warrior, Kahir, and the scholar, Aziz, attempting to engulf them in a sickening embrace. Though the mercenaries are able to hold the slimes at bay long enough to bring about their destruction, one of the molds, in a dying frenzy, launches itself at Aziz, smothering him in a slick, green coat of slime. As he screams in horror, the mold rushes up his clothing and slithers into his open mouth, causing him to shudder and nearly collapse. Kahir rips the mold slime off, but not before it is able to gush down the scholar’s throat and into his lungs. The group stands in breathless trepidation, anxiously awaiting what terror this new development may bring.
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