Session 3: They shoot at... the darkness
While exploring the team trips a collapsing floor trap, finding a stripped naked elf (Aendale) chained to the wall.
Aendale explains he was bush whacked by 6 orcs, and they're down the hall way.

The party frees Aendale and then sneaks up and bush whacks said orcs, killing them all. Finding Aendale's stuff, they see that the magic staff has turned into a 'bow' which has Aendale's (undefined) family name enruned on it. Quickly they find an exit, which plops them back into the castle where they were at earlier.

Further adventuring leads to a Gelatinous Cube Trap that Traps them, 4 more bells, bronse, brazz, silver and gold, all fitting on the bow.

Also, some electrical statues (apparently they can discharge magic rings targeting the party!?) and finally a Baby White Dragon, which our party engages and summarily fights, but not before Winder succumbs to its Icy Breath. Then they restore Winder, so he can finish telling everyone about White Dragons. ;)

Our party finishes the session rounding the corner of a very long hallway, with an inky blackness at the very end of it and 4 ominous black curtains, 2 on each side of the hallway...

Having identified the female voice goading them as Elwyn, they condemn her and gird themselves for the final portion of their quest to retrieve the Bell of Chardastes!

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