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Carrion Crown
Session 38
The group rested and prepared to investigate the Abbey of Sante-Lymirin. There was much planning,and Mauricio sang a fanfare:

The battle's over and the dust is clearing,
Disciples of Lord Cronos sound the knell,
Rejoicing echoes as the dawn is nearing,
The Way in defeat retreat to Hell!

The group then travelled along the shore a few miles to the old Abbey. It appeared that the grapes were harvested from the vineyard. The group, expecting combat, prepared their spells. They decided to explore the winery, which was separate from the abbey proper.

Nico strode forward, and opened the door. Inside were three great wine casks, along with several tubs and barrels. As Nico explored the room, a ghostly figure of a beautiful young girl came out of a cask, introduced herself as Martine, and asked Nico if he could help her. She claimed that she and her sisters were victims of an evil witch and her coven. Martine said that if the group brought back the skull of the witch Oothi, she would be able to rest. The group, however, was very suspicious, and Nico decided to prod her.

That turned out to be a mistake, as Nico became afflicted with witchfire, and in the ensuing battle, the ghostly woman and her sisters caused Nico a lot of harm. The group managed to triumph, though two of the great casks were destroyed, and much wine was spilled.

After the battle, the group searched the winery, and discovered a secret trapdoor. After some discussion, they decided to go through the trapdoor, into some tunnels that seemed to go under the abbey.

The first tunnel they explored lead to an ossuary, with several bone-filled alcoves. There was a heavily armored warrior sorting through a pile of bones in the torchlight. The warrior had a breastplate with the symbol of Iomedae on it, but the symbol was marred, as though someone had tried to remove it.

The group decided to attack. Although the warrior was quite resilient, eventually he succumbed to the combined might of the party. The warrior shed a tear of blood right before he was incinerated by Aragar's searing light. The group then back tracked a bit, and went down another tunnel.

They entered a tomb of what appeared to be someone of importance. However, the sarcophagus was empty. When the group went to exit through the opposite door, Nico set off a symbol of fear trap. The only person affected was Valin, but Aragar was able to stop him from fleeing.

The party then made their way to a subterranean shrine to Sante Lymirin, where they were attacked by a blood knight. The group managed to make short work of the blood knight, who barely bought some time for one of the witches to prepare for battle. The witch proved to be very resilient, but eventually succumbed to the persistence of the group. However, she did not die. The group discovered that she was a vampire when she turned to gaseous form.

(This is where we left off)
Session: Game Session 38 - Sunday, Feb 22 2015 from 8:30 PM to 1:00 AM
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