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Carrion Crown
Session 39
The group correctly guessed where the vampire was headed, and went back to the Abbott's crypt. There they staked the vampire, and took her wonderful loot.

The party then explored the rest of the subterranean passages and came upon a room where vampires were being drained of their blood. A quartet of wood golems were watching over the scene, and moved to attack the party. The golems were no match for the mighty heroes, and died fairly quickly.

The group then went upstairs. The lead to the main chamber on the ground floor. Apparently, the enemies were prepared and ambushed the group. There were several mercenaries, and an odd-looking stable boy. The guards proved to be fairly ineffectual, but the malign-looking stable boy was more than he appeared. He hit the group with Reverse Gravity, then blasted Valin with a Power Word Stun. There were a few tense moments, until Aragar was able to skewer the stable boy with his glaive.

After searching the main floor, the group discovered some wine, and debated whether or not to take it. There was also cold storage room with Solid Fog cast into it. Valin used his wall of fire, and made the room smell like bacon and popcorn.

The group then went to the bell tower. At the bottom, there was a rope hanging from the ceiling, leading up (presumably) to the bell. Nico pulled on the rope, and the bell came crashing down through the ceiling. Aragar and Cronos decided to fly to the top, and see what they could see. Valin followed on te stairs, and fell through a weakened part, down to the first floor again.

The tower also branched off into the second floor at one part. When the group went onto the second floor, they found the other witch sister waiting in ambush with several more mercenaries. The witch's powers would have been devastating, but unfortunately for her, the group proved to be very resilient and would not succumb to her hexes. The mercenaries died so fast, that the Invisible Stalkers that were waiting to attack from the rear just decided to leave.

(This is where we left off)
Session: Game Session 39 Again! - Sunday, Mar 08 2015 from 1:30 PM to 6:00 PM
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