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Rise of the Runelords
March 29th, 2015
Luckily for the town, the Garrison was mainly made out of stone, so it was able to take the dragon’s fire and not catch fire. The Heroes knew they had to get the dragon’s attention and away from people. They needed space, and the best place there was in Sandpoint aside from outside it was in front of the Sanctuary. The Heroes, some still bolstered by haste, swiftly moved over to the open area and set themselves up to lure the dragon. Dov knew that dragons in general were not only greedy creatures, but also prideful. They would not stand down from a challenge, and Reiner was just their man to stand up to a dragon fearlessly.

The dragon, perched upon the garrison, was swooping down to eat random villagers and cause chaos, enjoying every second of it. A moment later, arrows flew by the dragon’s head, one hitting the dragon. Shalelu, from near the church steps, was impressively firing arrows over 200 feet to hit her target. This was enough to at least get the dragon’s attention, as Reiner also fired a shot that passed right by the dragon’s eye. As it did, he yelled at the dragon to fight him if he was looking for a fight. The dragon smirked, and began its flight over to Reiner, where the rest of the party was prepped to lay into this dragon.

As it landed, Naolexa immediately was attempting to hex it, while Reiner, Arvel, Nevik, and Yama all went in to strike at the beast. Dov slowed the dragon, as Valtyra buffed Reiner’s defenses. It took our heroes little time to damage the dragon enough to scare it away. Nevik leaped onto its back, but unfortunately was knocked to the ground as it took flight. Fortunately, Dov’s Slow spell prevented the dragon move moving its full speed, so it was still in range for Naolexa and Dov to get two final lightning bolts crashing towards it. This was enough to kill the dragon outright, as it came tumbling to the ground. After the dust settled, the sound of a war horn pierced through the air. As the Heroes looked to the west, they saw a stone giant dressed in different garbs. He stood near the Old Light, and had the heroes right in his sights.
Session: A Raid on Sandpoint?! Part 2 - Sunday, Mar 29 2015 from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM
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