Reelect Uredd Berama for District 212 council seat!
Frikk Matros claims he cares about your safety, but he shot down a bill authored by Uredd Berama to increase military spending by 24%.

Frikk Matros attacked Uredd based on some of his friendships with supposed Machini sympathizers, but recently one of Frikk's slaves was executed for being a Machini spy. Looks like those who live in Jade houses should be wary of casting the first stone.

Frikk Matros claims to be a friend to the people, but in fact he's voted against 78% of the bills that would help ordinary folks. He instead chose to vote almost exclusively for special interests, mainly ones that furthered his house's prominence and wealth.

When it comes time to cast your vote for District 212 council member, remember: Frikk Matros cares about house Matros. Ulredd Berama cares about YOU!

I'm Uredd Berama, and I approve this message.

(Paid for by Uredd Berama for District 212 council seat).

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