Uredd's speech for Council Referendum #41298739874871 - Investigation into visitor treatment at Black March penal facility
[Hands folded pensively]
I recently had the misfortune of visiting the Black March facility (on an assignment, not as a prisoner of course) [Wait for laugh] and I was shocked and appalled at how I, a free man (born of Dragon no less!), was treated.

[Hands out, palms open]
Now I understand we must "keep a tight ship" [Pound fist on open hand] and give the guards and warden(s) a [scare quotes] "long leash" and so on, but my experience visiting one of the prisoners smacked of handing the keys and power of the facility over to bullies.

The guards at the facility relished ordering me [Hand on chest], again a free man born of the Dragon, around and violating my dignity (and my orifices) all in the name of "security." Now you all know me as a staunch proponent of protecting the realm. [Pump both fists energetically] This clearly had nothing to do with protecting the realm.

[Hands open, palms in, gesturing out]
If, as one much wiser than myself once said; "the degree of a nation’s civilization can be seen in the way it treats its prisoners," certainly those visiting our society's prisoners should be free from the savagery of anal intrusion! [Wince]

[Emphatic closed fist with thumb forward]
We must look into this issue at once and make this place intimidating for prisoners, not terrifying for free persons going there to gather information to aid the hand of Justice!

And as a side note, guard H1N1 still owes me dinner and a drink. [Wait for laugh]. Thank you, and I look forward to working with you on this issue!
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