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Carrion Crown
Tar-Baphon's scream or rage echoed through the ruins of Ardak. An army of Prince's Wolves marched to the gates of Gallowspire to hail the Bastards of the Beast. A great evil was thwarted, the world of Golarion was spared a terrible scourge. For a moment, the corpse resembled Adivion Adrasant, before it disintegrated into loathsome dust.

Rhakis Szadro, leader of the Prince's Wolves immediately approached Nico, and bade him to become Packlord of the Shudderwood. Nico, however, did not want to fight his sister Lyanna. After all of the carnage, Nico just wanted to retire. Knowing that Lyanna would perceive him as a threat, Nico left Ustalav and went to the River Kingdoms. There Nico got a job as a drover. Many bandits were treated to a nasty surprise when they raided his caravan... Eventually, Nico settled down, and fathered 27 children by his three wives.

Cronos returned to his farm, much to the delight of his followers. Though he did rightly and strove to be a good leader, Cronos could not forget the many horrors he'd seen throughout his travels. Without alcohol to help him through, Cronos became reclusive, and embittered. Eventually, he returned to Vyrlitch, what became of him is unknown.

After the events of Gallowspire, Valin became regarded as an authority on The Whispering Way. He took a position teaching at the University of Lepidstadt. It seemed, though, The Order of the Palatinate Eye took exception to Valin's teachings. Especially the parts where Valin went out of his way to disparage the Eye as a bunch of rich incompetents in a good ole boy club. A feud started, and the two sides took pains to discredit and hamper each other as much as possible. The Order started sending Valin notes with magic mouth cast on them. When Valin opened the note, the magic mouth would either utter "YOU LOSER!" or "HEH, YOU GOT A TINY PENIS!" In order to escape, Valin plane shifted. Where he went remains unknown...

After the final battle Adivion Adrasant, Aragar knew his time in Ustalav was done. As a follower of Desna, Aragar never intended to stay anywhere for long. So he told the other Bastards, "Maybe tomorrow, I'm gonna settle down, until tomorrow, I'll just keep moving on!" It was said Aragar travelled east, toward Belkzen. After that, what became of Aragar is unknown. Unlike Cronos, Aragar was able to lean heavily on cannabis to deal with the horrors he'd witnessed in Vyrlich.

For a time, Adarak lay dormant. The denizens of The Whispering Way did not seem to be in a hurry to reclaim the city. One day, a raven alit on the top of the tower. The raven changed form, into an Aasimar druid. The druid seemed to be mildly inebriated.

"I wonder what's in here?" The druid asked, and used earthglide to enter the central column that lead to the sealed dungeons below...
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