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The Outer Realms
Ode to the Golden Crusaders

sung by Sigfried the Sweet-Lipped

They journeyed from Armorica, through storms and wind severe,
With justice in their steely eyes, with strength they persevered.
They set their gaze on the wilderness and the evil it concealed,
And crossed the sea so wild and rough with a courage that was so real.

They killed the goblin Gargamel, the paladin’s sword sang true.
The Foe Hammer’s axe did cleave the air, his enemies he deftly slew.
They vanquished the menace of Unferth’s thanes, a monstrous gelatinous thing,
No matter the threat, no matter the fear, their courage they always did bring.

Then one dark night in Henrica’s Wic, evil showed its repulsive face.
A child enslaved to a salacious man, a charlatan and a disgrace,
He forced her to steal to fill the purse of his false and barbaric god,
But woe to him that on this night the Crusaders were not abroad.

It was the priest alone who fought the brute, in a battle cruel and long,
And though his wounds did ache and bleed, his faith and arm stayed strong.
Their shields did clash, their hammers did sing, but the heathen he could not stand,
And Siggurd’s mace did bring him down and he cowered in the sand.

Kill him he could but mercy he showed, for his heart was good and bright.
He bound his wounds, forgave his sins, and showed him God’s true light.
The child he sat upon his knee, put his hand on her dirty head
And baptized her into God’s true grace, the one who for us bled.

When the hordes did sack good Henrica’s Wic and the battle was desperate and thick,
They stood their ground while the weak did flee, their swords were true and quick.

The song goes on to chronicle the events after the fall of Henrika’s Landing, crediting the Golden Hope with just about everything. After Henrika’s Landing fell, many people fled to Unferth’s Keep but nearly all of them were turned away, so many fled as refugees back to Wulfgar’s Keep while the Golden Hope covered their retreat. They returned with Adaon and fought alongside his men, but the keep fell. The Golden Hope stayed with Adaon and continued to fight behind fortifications that would not have been built had Father Siggurd not inspired the rangers and paladins to work to their fullest potential. The bugbear attacks continued unabated, and the Golden Hope was instrumental in winning every one. A verse is dedicated to each member of the party, with an anecdote about his heroism. There is no mention of Elytha. Then the defenses were overwhelmed when a horrific demon appeared and spawned bugbears from her belly, but once again the Golden Hope was instrumental in rallying the troops and setting up a new defense in the wilderness between Unferth’s Keep and Wulfgar’s Keep. The song ends with a these lines:

And now they have gone to seek the beast that crawled from the pit beneath Bald Peak.
They will slay her and save us and all our kin, and the world will be bright and peaceful again.
Session: Game Session #21 - Saturday, Jun 13 2015 from 6:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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They will suffer as I suffered at the knife of my lord. Cut them where it hurts!
This is great stuff. I especially like the depiction of Oswin as a"charlatan and a disgrace"
Charlatan? Disgrace? You'll be on the list next, Sir Carl!