Last Trip
Hesper had no choice. Her stomach churned with every surge of the boat, bringing bitter bile into her throat. A dose of fermented ginger would prevent her from heaving her stomach contents into the black water. The ginger could hinder her reflexes in battle, but she was no use to the party like this. She fumbled in her medicine pouch, pinched off a tiny slippery fragment.
The instant it touched her tongue she realized her mistake. An earthy dark odor filled her mouth, her nostrils, her brain. Damn! She spat what she could into the river, scrubbed tongue with her sleeve.
Never take a mushroom when you are in danger, every druid knows that. It will turn your mind into fertile soil which feeds your fear and horror.
She felt it before she saw it. The underground tunnel through which the river snaked was shrinking, constricting. There's not enough air. She wanted to shout: It's swallowing us! Could the others not see that this was not a stone tunnel, but the inside of a beast? Ribbons of fluid from the ceiling fluttered into the boat. She opened her mouth to scream as the fluid began to digest the skin from the side of Grunthok’s face. The rest of the party discussed which turn to take ahead, unaware. Now she clutched the rigging as the boat began to gain speed, the water bursting into color. Oswin glanced at her and opened his mouth. Was he speaking? She understood now that the water was reflecting the rainbows of color from Oswin’s teeth, which grew and grew. What was he saying? The boat entered a cavern, thousands of arms reaching down from the ceiling, gnarled hands groping her. They were her father’s hands, in the last stages of senility when he clutched at her breasts, mistaking her for her lost mother, thrusting his aroused body at her. She was unable to move, unable to defend herself.
Now there was a room, so beautiful, so beautiful. Let's go in there. Music flowed from the chamber, outside her and inside her at the same time. A bald child in the boat took his thumb out of his mouth and raised his arms, creating a stone wall, separating the boat from the room. I need to be in there.I'll go through the wall. I know I can.But now a terrible face was growing from the wall, her throat slit, so much black blood flooding the boat, Aletha’s voice wailing Why did you murder me? Why did you murder me? Jig glanced at Hesper, a troubled expression on her face, and flung a fistful of spiders at Aletha’s mouth. They multiplied, covering her face, muffling her cries.
How did they get in here? A two-headed beast rears back, she can feel the mist like acid, like pebbles filling the air. Grunthok and Elasha speak as one, their last word in unison: Fight!
Hesper raises her spear. The mist covers her skin, becomes her skin. A crust forms inside her mouth, her throat, her heart. At last, her mind is still.

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Excellent, Julie. Of all the things I'll miss about the campaign, Hesper will be at the very top.
Really nice. I love the terrifying, psychedelic imagery and the way you describe her panic. I am going to miss Hasper too. :(
That was awesome!
Great work, Julie.
Julie, I don't know if you understand how remarkably you have taken to the game. Your characters are well-realized and interesting and your ideas and roleplaying at the table are an excellent addition to the group. We are very lucky that you were willing to give it a try!