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Rise of the Runelords
July 12th, 2015
As the sun rose over the valley, our Heroes stirred for the morning and sat around the campfire to get a game plan. They decided that Naolexa would take 3 others and dimension door over to the lower cave smelling of lizards. Nevik would do his best to read the other scroll and teleport himself and the remaining two present party members to the cave as well.

When they arrived, Yama immediately spotted a large gem shining in the sunlight, as it rested upon a pile of sand. The gem, almost as big as his head, immediately drew him in to try and retrieve it. The other members scoffed it off saying “You’ll get yourself killed doing stuff like that all the time. You remember the giant gecko cave?”, with Yama returning saying, “Yeah? And no-one died. It’s fine, I’ve got this.” He happily strolled right on up to the gem and almost got a hand on it, when he heard a hissing sound from throughout the cave. The other three areas of this cave acted as a resting ground for the wyverns, and Yama was attempting to abduct their favorite treasure.

As the fight broke out, Reiner grabbed his trusty sword and ran head-on towards the wyverns. After getting a clean blow into one of them, one of the wyverns managed to get a hold of him and sting him, injecting poison. This burned through his veins, but did not stop him from teleporting around the enemy and cleaving it in two.

Yama battled with another one of the wyverns, and after trading blows and help from Reiner, the second one collapsed. The final one approached Naolexa, but was failing to hit her at all. Nevik and Malia ended up joining the fight and struck the beast down.

The dust settled within the cave; the rogues were inspecting a bone pile that was poorly covering a chest, while the rest of the party tended to Reiner’s poison. Both were handled, but as they explored the cave, this seemed to be the end of this area. No hidden doors revealed to them. They then had to repeat the process of using the dimension door scroll and spell to get to the other cave; the one crawling with bugs.

As Naolexa got everyone up there, the party stood there for a moment, taking everything in. Naolexa, however, reacted quickly, and lobbed a fireball into the cave blindly. The impacted area did burn away some of the thick webs in the back of the cave, and plenty of the bugs that crawled all over the floor. However, in the screeching of the bugs, other noises came through that caught Yama’s, Reiner’s, and Nevik’s ears. Giant spiders crawled off the walls, blackened a bit by the fireball. Thinking quickly, the party wrapped up these three spiders with another fireball, a sling shot, and a few arrows. They collapsed, and fell apart, revealing that these giant spiders were completely made up of dead insect husks and shells.

Naolexa, looking over through the webs, noticed a secret door at the back portion of the cave and signaled Reiner and Yama over to help start clearing away the webs. After about 5 minutes of clearing, Reiner cleaned up the webs and made an open path to the door. The others found a pile of unfortunate adventurer’s previous weapons and armor. Valtyra scooped these up into her bag of holding, and the party started squeezing through the small tunnel found at the back of the spider cave. Reiner had a sneaking suspicion that this lead into Jorgenfist; He was about to find out if he was right.
Session: The Jorgenfist Raid: Part 2 - Sunday, Jul 12 2015 from 8:30 PM to 11:30 PM
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