Here we go again
This is how it is, Doc's staying on Miranda to do his "medicine man" gig & jake's stayed on Boros. Took on two new people, Ki long & Liam shaumaucher they both seem nice enough, but tim will tell. Liam's real polite, talk like a cowboy from the western holo-vids. he'll be taking over for Lily who' staying on Miranda to raise her baby rosie. Don't know much about Ki, other then she "kills bad people" bad is a relative term even at the best of times. Will she want a debate before ever "ruttin firefight "oh great and powerful Jeebus please nooooo!
Since the browncoat's relocated to Miranda, they've taken over all my projects there leaving me on the fringe, Look like it's back to being an itenerate frighter captain hauling goods from here to there and rescuing the odd town from whatever "woopti-ruttin-do" what a wast of my talents. On the bright side at last I have another ship! No more seeing "sick Vic, crazy Dave, or the kid" where ever I look. makes me want to pipe Sulsa music through the ship grab Delta or ki or Rachel (hell why not all three) and dance my ass off.
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