Grey Warden Rank Heirarchy
"The nominal leader of our order is the First Warden, but you can expect little assistance or guidance. Even those close to The Fortress of the Grey learn to suffer alone. The murmurs are true--the First Warden is often embroiled in the politics of the World and has little opportunity to consider other matters. I believe it is a matter of survival, not of political self-interest.
--From a confidential report for the Grey Warden Captain of The Northern Continent

The order of Grey Wardens is commanded by the First Warden in The Fortress of the Grey. Below the First Warden is a Warden General, which acts as the 2nd in Command as well as General of the Grey Warden Army, should the need arise to bring the full might of the Grey Wardens to humanity's aid. Reporting to both the First Warden and the General Warden are 2 Captains of the Grey, 1 in charge of all Grey Warden Activity on each Continent. The First warden receives all political reports and the Warden General receives all recruitment, military, rumor's, etc. he then determines what would be of interest to the First Warden. Reporting to the Captain of the Grey's are Warden Commanders. These may be based on Region, City, Mission, etc. Only a Warden Commander and above has been properly trained to conduct the Joining Ritual and therefore Warden-Commanders are periodically assigned to go out and recruit fresh talent for the ranks. Apparently, small numbers make for a simple hierarchy, as no other ranks have been mentioned; the other members appear to follow a less formal "pecking order" determined by seniority (decided by time of Joining).
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