Eye for an Eye
It has been a long time since I would see clearly. Sometimes you want something so badly that it blinds you to all else. Maybe I just have a single track mind. Darius and I had figured that this was going to be unpleasant business, and we were right. In the end, things turned out better then I had hoped, but innocent men, whose only fault was being fools, had suffered for it.

We fools seem to be the ones taking the fall a lot.

Laying on the inn roof, under the clear, cold winter night sky, Castigen covers and uncovers his newly healed eye while starring up at the moons. Finally, he sits up and looks south towards Nighten, his breath released like wisps of smoke in the cold night air, "Definitely a fool if I couldn't see 'that' right in front of me all these years. Just hold on, we're coming as fast as we can."

Hopping down from the low roofed building, Castigen casts one last long gaze southward, before plastering his smile back on, as easily as donning an actor's mask, and heads back into the rowdy inn.
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