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Rise of the Runelords
July 19th, 2015
The group ventured through the maze like tunnels found back here. Small critters scampered across the cave walls, and the party dealt with minor enemies, such as slimes, with no issues.

When they saw torch light coming through a longer tunnel, they knew they reached the end. However, before they could reach this, a new foe stood before them. Gnomes, who had bloodsoaked red caps, and incredibly large scythes. The group had to maneuver around each other, but after a few brutal kicks to the ankles, they group put these nuisances to rest. Continuing through, they found a larger room. Vincent lead the group, and when he stepped into the room, he saw a kolbold on the other side of the room.

She had her spear readied, and immediately screamed at Vincent, "Finally! I've been itching for a fight! My name is Enga Keckvia, and you shall die!" She immediately began flinging rocks from her sling at Vincent, as the group piled into the room to try and get a hold on the situation. They endured the blows that the kolbold laid down, and after enough trading, the kolbold tried to retreat back into the caves. Naolexa froze her in her tracks, while Nevik and Vincent lined up to end her completely. They took what they could from her, which included a very dangerous necklace, which could have been used on the party.

Nevik took this moment to hand the staff that he found early to Philip. After analyzing it, Philip knew this was a powerful boon that he just gained. He immediately used the staff to move earth and seal the room completely so that the party may rest and relax. Many foes lay ahead of them, so caution must be taken within the caves.
Session: The Jorgenfist Raid: Part 3 - Sunday, Jul 19 2015 from 8:30 PM to 11:30 PM
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