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Rise of the Runelords
July 26th, 2015
With the two roads, the party took some time to recover. Philip took some time in the morning to obtain a prophecy from one of his spells, Legend Lore. After communing for quite some time, he received the following riddle, of which he quickly jotted down so he could remember:

The Prophecy

The valley of Jorgenfist holds many mysteries and rumors, yet none so well known as the darkness of the Black Tower. Adventurers who come to this place seeking the caves interiors need first to visit the monk who resides in the tower, lest your adventure only lead to your death.

Mokurian resides here, and has spent much time building an army. He plans to raid the rest of Varisia, but is it his own flag he flies? Or does he serve another king? Nevertheless, he has numerous allies here who all assist him with his endeavors.

Should you find his dragon, he only serves out of pride.
Should you find the hill giant, you find his assistant to his rituals.
Should you find his kobold, you find an ally quick to anger.
Should you find his advisor, do not be so quick to judge.
Should you find his captives, they have a higher purpose than what they know.
Should you find his matriarchs, they are an ally from a different army.
Should you find his trolls, they guard the door to a ruin below.
Should you find his Mokurian himself, prepare for your demise.

With this information, they at least knew what they needed to locate within Jorgenfist. After determining what the game plan was proceed through this cave, Nevik determined that he could scout ahead and see what lies before them. He proceeded to the north, where he found a very small room that went off the normal path. A stone giant looked over the ground level of the pit here.

He skipped this to proceed further in, and found a mess hall area. It was relatively empty, but the kitchen area that was connected to the room did still have the cook. She was still cooking, but was too far away for him to determine what. He snuck through this room, and through a small tunnel to the north. This connected to another room, but this one was smaller and had a small altar.

He observed a stone giant pace back and forth here, and she muttered words to herself. She looked worried, but since she was speaking in giant, Nevik was unable to determine what was being said. He carefully returned to the room with the rest of the party, and they formulated a plan to teleport close to the room with this stone giant. The heroes cautiously walked into the room, it didn't take long for her to notice the group. She immediately began speaking in giant to the group, and then corrected herself to common so that everyone could understand her:

Female Stone Giant
I don't have much time, but know that if you are here to slay Mokmurian, I am your ally. We can speak here in peace, and I wish to speak of your quarrel here. Without my help, you might only find your graves below Jorgenfist.

She introduced herself as Conna the Wise, Mokmurian's adviser. SHe explained that several years ago, Mokmurian slayed her husband to obtain control over this area. She served as an adviser just to save her own life, but secretly planned for a chance of vengeance. now with the Heroes here to presumably kill Mokmurian, perhaps they can work together to meet a similar goal. She knows much about these caves and can willingly speak on the creatures that inhabit here. She also warned the Heroes that should they try to enter the library without speaking with the monk first, they would likely die. She explained that the monk waited in the Black Tower, and that they should see him first.

The heroes were very willing to allow Conna to help exact her revenge, and welcomed her to come along. The group worked their way back down to the hallway outside of the smaller room, as Conna described this to be the general's room. They rushed into the room, Conna screaming "The time for the uprising is now!" as she flung bright green rays of acid onto the general. The group flayed his mind, tearing away his mental capacities. Naolexa then put him to sleep and Nevik finished him off.

They just cut down an important figure in the army, but what of this monk? What does the Black Tower have in store for the group?
Session: The Jorgenfist Raid: Part 4 - Monday, Jul 27 2015 from 12:30 AM to 3:30 AM
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