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Rise of the Runelords
August 2, 2015
After observing the situation from the small alcove in the pit, the group decided the best path of action was to teleport up to the top of the ramp and see where this Black Tower might lie. Conna explained that the only entrance to the tower was on the ground level, so they needed to get up there somehow.

The party teleported with the help of Naolexa and Vincent, while Philip simply burrowed into the earth. They observed the outside courtyard, which luckily was empty of any of the stone giants. On the towers that rise above this ring, stone giant sentries seemed to be stationed at each one, aside from a larger tower that stood double in height. As it was behind the mammoth stables, Conna helped the group sneak around the stables without alerting the mammoths, and over to the Black Tower.

They were cautious of entering the tower, but luckily Yama was able to confirm that no traps were armed on the door of the tower. He entered in cautiosly, and the group immediately confirmed that there was a trap door that was in the middle of this room. Vincent swung it open, and Valtyra confirmed that it was the only way down in this area. Valtyra tied some rope securely, and knotted the rope with Shalelu's assistance. One by one, the heroes descended into the lower level of the Black Tower.

Yama was first, and as he landed, he noticed the room was very cold. On the floor, there was a body wrapped in linens and holding a scroll case very tightly. Yama's greed got the better of him, and he rushed over to try and get a closer look at the scroll case. As he did, the body rose up, revealing that a mummy held Yama's treasure. With a wild spin, the mummy burst open the linens that secured him arms, revealing a chain that held the case to him.

The mummy put up a tough fight for the group, as he spread around disease with every hit he made. After all of the heroes made it into the room, he let forth a black fog from his mouth. This caught everyone but Valtyra off guard, but the party noticed that they felt generally weaker. The monk got a few blows onto Yama and Arvel that left behind spreading black marks. Yama stabbed his blades into the creature with one final swing, as the mummy began to spin around wildly. It stopped, locking it's gaze with Yama. It's jaw, already dislodged, fell to the floor, as the light faded from his eyes. The linens begin to fall apart, and fell into a pile onto the floor. The scroll case landed softly on the pile as well.

Yama eagerly picked up the scroll case. Inspecting it, he could tell that this was made out of adamantine, but also has 5 locks on it total. It took quite a bit of time for Yama to pick the locks on the case. Inside, greater treasure awaited for the group. Numerous scrolls awaited in here, all which Yama carefully pulled out of the case He could tell that they were quite fragile, so handling them could be extremely dangerous to them.

All of these scrolls were written in Thassilonian, which Naolexa and Dov studied. Yama was able to read these as well, but it didn't make sense as to why. He then remembered the strange gold ioun stone that orbited him, and immediately caught on that it was likely the reason.
The scrolls held powerful magics, all of which the casters were eager to find. Two other important things were in this, however. One was the Writ of Entry and Access, which read the following (in Thassilonian):


To be presented to the clockwork librarian of the Therassic Library for the securing of full access to all archives held within.

Ware the shining guardians, for they guard the library without bias, and any who would enter are counted thieves and vandals to be slaughtered.

Speak aloud the name of the Master Architect, Viosanxi, afore entry is attempted via the bronze doors, if thou wouldst avoid their blinding wrath.

Furthermore, a larger scroll puzzled the group. Naolexa unwound it, and the writing on the scroll shined brightly. After that initial flash, the light died down and revealed another magic spell written in Thassilonian. This was Deathwine, which Naolexa went ahead and cast. After the potion converted to a dark red liquid, the scroll wound itself up, and despite any efforts that Naolexa or Dov had, they could not open the scroll again.

They returned to the upper floor, but the strain on the party to recover from the monks flurry caused the heroes to need some rest. Philip used his staff once more to move stone and seal off the door. Naolexa found enough room to summon a small shack to which the Heroes all piled into to try and get some rest for the rest of the trials that lie before them.
Session: The Jorgenfist Raid: Part 5 - Sunday, Aug 02 2015 from 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM
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