Kingdom Turn 5: Arodus 4710
On the map below, I've renamed a few of the hexes (who's going to want to settle in a place called Trapweb?) and finished naming the rest of the hexes we've explored. Some of the names, like Marsby, I picked arbitrarily, on the assumption that we've named those hexes after the first families to settle them.

Stability check succeeded. Unrest = 0, gain 1 BP.
Paid 3 BP Consumption.
Claimed Radish Patch.
Terrain improvements: Built sawmill in Radish Patch. Built sawmill in Temple of the Elk.
Settlement improvements: Built granary in Shrikethorn. Built house in Temple of the Elk.
16BP taxes.
Kingdom event: Smugglers. Loyalty and Stability checks resolved.
Ending: size 6, Control DC 28, 28 BP.

Kingdom Statistics and Map.
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