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Rise of the Runelords
September 13th, 2015
With a mighty heave, Vincent, Nevik, and Valtya pushed open the Sihedron doors. They grinded on the stone frame, revealing a large room, with dirt on the floor, and seven large tree trunk drove into the ground as if stakes. On the far back wall, a large sihedron was displayed, while next to each tree trunk, a small brazier with a brand could be seen. Each of the tree trunks had a manacle set bound into them. Three of these manacles were occupied by none other than Ameiko, Greyland, and Shayliss Vinder from Sandpoint.

The heroes were unable to determine who they were at first because the room was dark, and only lit by the braziers. They approached each of the hostages, who were unconscious, and released them from their bounds. However, when Phillip was the last to enter the room fully, a large rumble from the ground could be heard, as a giant rose from the earth itself. This giant was larger than anything the group had ever seen before, and immediately attacked Shalelu with it's club. Nevik went to work, dodging behind a tree trunk and around the giant. Surprising him with a sneak attack, Nevik made quick work of this giant, as he came toppling to the ground.

After they released and healed the hostages to conciousness, the heroes addressed the brands found on the Sandpoint villager's chest. The sihedron was burned into these three. Not knowing it's purpose, the heroes would have to revisit the issue once they knew more information.

After looting the giant, they left the room and returned to Conna. They left the hostages in her care, as she directed them where they needed to go to get to Mokmurian's ruins. They had two options; a less aggressive approach using the eastern path from Enga's room or taking a nearby passage that would deal with Mokmurian's more powerful allies.

The group decided that the allies would be best to take out now so that they don't haunt them later, so they left the Sandpoint Villagers with Conna, and turned towards the darkened tunnel. The tunnel was not dark due to light, however. It was darkened from ash and soot on the wall. Seeing this, Nevik scouted ahead, and found 2 red dragons around the corner. After relaying to the party, the heroes decided the best course of action was to talk to the dragons first before attacking. Cautiously, the party spoke with the dragons, which was met with figurative firey breath in response. In speaking with them, however, they determined that the dragons were under the effects of charm magic. They dispelled the magic on them, and they almost instantly turned tail in a flurry to the other room.

The heroes followed in suit to find the dragons in battle with creatures they had not seen before; lamias. Half-human, half-lion, these creatures showed to be powerful adversaries. Who knew what would come next, as the battle raged on.
Session: The Jorgenfist Raid: Part 7 - Sunday, Sep 13 2015 from 8:30 PM to 11:30 PM
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