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Rise of the Runelords
September 20th and 27th, 2015
Vincent thought quickly, knowing that red dragons were powerful foes, and struck a deal with the dragons. The dragons fight with the party, and in return, the dragons were promised the killing blow against what they assumed were the cause of the enchantment. The dragons agreed, and the blood bath ensued.

The two lamias were certainly powerful foes, battling fiercely with the dragons and the party. However, suspiciously, a third lamia showed up with two unexpected foes at her side; Tsuto and Nualia. Vincent immediately saw this as an illusion, despite not knowing these two. Vincent was told the stories of how Reiner killed Tsuto and ripped out his heart, there was no way he could honestly be standing here now.

Reiner and Malia entered the room a little behind the group, as they ensured that the Sandpoint Villagers were taken care of. Reiner got into the fray and made quick work of one of the lamias. This angered the dragons, as the humans were not true to their word. Instantly, one of the dragons attacked both Malia and Reiner. While this was largely unsuccessful, Reiner readied himself to take on the dragons with full force. The other party members shouted at the dragons and at Reiner, stating that they had a common enemy, and now was not the time to battle that out. Reiner scoffed, and agreed, turning his attention back to the lamias.

While I agree there are more important foes to face at the moment, we should work together if you want to make it out of here alive.

Despite the good intentions behind the statement, the dragons snorted a bit of flame out of his nose, and tripped Reiner as he tried to approach the Lamias. As the 2nd Lamia fell unconscious, the dragon was able to snap it's neck, getting the kill. The dragon who tripped Reiner roared:

Let's see how you handle this last one.

With that, they retreated from the room, leaving the Heroes with a lamia, Tsuto, and Nualia. Philip sealed off the exit for the enemy with a wall of ice, while Nevik got into the fray with Tsuto. Tsuto wasn't putting up much of a challenge at all, and he was eventually put to sleep by Naolexa. Naolexa also petrified the Lamia completely, leaving her a statue in the middle of the room. Nualia attempted to teleport to another section of the room to get a surprise on Philip and Naolexa, but Reiner quickly came to aid of them and tripped her flat. While still on the ground, however, Nualia teleported again to the other side of the wall of ice. Through the ice, Nevik and Reiner were able to spot the outlines of what looked like trolls, and Nualia speaking with them. The heroes turned their attention to the statue in the room, and after debating, Reiner smashed the statue to pieces.

The options on the table now was to either try and pursue the enemy, or return to the altar room with Conna to try and rest up. The spell casters were mentually strained and running low on spells. The party decided returning to the altar room was best, so they began to head back in that direction. Nevik took one last look through the ice, as he only saw one troll outline. Nualia was not seen.
Session: The Jorgenfist Raid: Part 9 - Sunday, Sep 27 2015 from 8:30 PM to 11:30 PM
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