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Rise of the Runelords
October 4th, 2015
The group woke up in the morning to the sounds of nothing. The caves previously buzzed and roared with the sounds of the giants, but now no sounds were heard. Philip slipped on his ring of invisibility and wanted to scout around. Peeking around the corner towards the pit, the crater that was once filled with bones and ash was not devoid of most of the bones. Conna explained that the pit was a sacrificial pit that was used for the sake of either unruly giants or unfortunate small-ones who were captured. Why the bones were missing, however, was unknown to her.

Relaying this information to the rest of the group, Nevik and Philip decided that they would proceed forward to scout out and let the group know what is happening. They decided to go take the southern path to get to the corner of the caves that Conna mentioned lead to the ruins. When they arrived in the mess hall, however, they noticed that all of the tables and chairs that they recently fought next to the day before were now gone. The scouting party proceed, despite this unsettling information.

When they reached the kobold room, the path that Philip sealed off was still in the same state that they had left it in. Philip moved the stone back, revealing a longer hall-like room. However, the disturbing part was the floor. The bones now were scattered across the floor, and were splintered. This made moving through the room difficult, but Philip transformed into an air elemental and flew over the bones. Nevik carefully moved through the area, but the bones definitely slowed him down. As they entered the room, the noticed the other side of the room was dark, covered in shadow and unlit.

That's when the singing started, as it echoed throughout the cave. This reached the altar room, and rang in the party's ears. Shalelu began moving through the tunnel, despite the rest of the group shaking it off. Naolexa was able to determine this to be the song of a harpy, who could lure in it's foes with a song, then attack the victim. Revealing this information, Valtyra, Naolexa, and Vincent all attempted to hold Shalelu. They caught her in the mess hall, but now a new verse of the harpy song played, and rang through the cave on a new note. This vexed the three attempting to help Shalelu, as now all four of them proceed to move towards the source of the music.

Meanwhile, the songs were much louder for Nevik and Philip, but they managed to ignore it well enough. As they moved along, Philip entered a room to the south of the hall. Turning the corner, he was face to face with an ogre. Three of them in the room. Luckily he was invisible, but he let out a frightened gasp right in front of the ogres. Luckily for Philip, the ogres reacted, but only readied themselves for battle. He quickly retreated back towards Nevik, who found out the more unfortunate news about the room: the room was riddled with traps.

He accidentally stepped into a bear trap, which sprung and clamped his leg. He disabled this, and took a closer took around to find that 11 more of these traps remained, along with a covered pit in the middle of the room. It was about this time that the other party members, still hexed, entered the room as well. They were right in the path for the pit, so Philip and Nevik were their only saving grace at the moment. Philip, thinking quickly, summoned a wall of ice to block the path of his allies to the pit. They quickly ran into the wall, stopping their progression. However, the wall reached from floor to ceiling, so it made the song difficult to hear. Noticing this, the harpies appeared on the other side of the room, and quickly went to attack. Once the rest of the party realized where they were, Philip dismissed the wall of ice and the group went to work. The harpies caught Nevik, Philip, and Vincent very close to the pit, and spent most of their efforts trying to kick them and knock them back into it. Naolexa quickly put two of them to sleep, allowing Nevik to do what he does best, and coup de grace the two of them. Philip defended himself against the last harpy, and with a flurry he spun around, dodging a bullet from Valtyra. The harpy screeched towards the tunnel that had the ogres in it, as Philip heard in giant "That's the signal, go! Go!"

The heroes disposed of the harpy quickly, but now they had the ogres to handle. The trolls they saw earlier were still not found, and same with Nualia. The caves knew they were here, and it seems they had time to prepare against the group. What dangers wait for the group now?
Session: The Jorgenfist Raid: Part 10 - Sunday, Oct 04 2015 from 8:30 PM to 11:30 PM
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