Oops I did it again
Dont remember much of how I got TO that point, but the red fog of battle descended over me and I attacked the first evil thing in the room. I committed murder on a weaponless council member.

The others were attacking the guards but the guards were guilty of nothing more than carrying out the law. My senses told me there was an evil person in the room and I attacked them, only after the battle haze had descended did I realize Id killed an unarmed council member.

I immediately put away my weapons and surrendered to the law, fully expecting to be executed for my actions, and I intend on recieving that punishment. It was MY fault. I will accept no break out, no pardon, I need to be punished for my action
Session: Book three: The Return of Markov; Chapter 4: Rebellion of "The Exodus" - Sunday, Oct 11 2015 from 10:15 PM to 3:15 AM
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Out of game it is nigh impossible to play lawful good in this party lol