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Gourmet Adventures
Chateau Glaunt
The party limps their storm-damaged boat to Bards Gate and learns that it will be a week or so before their vessel can be completely repaired.

In the interim Vani successfully smuggles her illicit cargo past the guards and their guard dogs by hiding it inside a container of stinky cheese. She and the team then met the Salamander at the local tavern for the exchange. The Salamander is a grossly obese and heavily tattooed halfling who informs them upon inquiry that the drugs are for a reclusive batch of monks who use it as part of their meditative rituals. Coincidentally it can also increase combat ability if one is willing to risk some side effects. Vani takes a few vials as part of her payment.

The party then overhears a customer complaining that his favorite wine is no longer in stock and the barkeeper explains that shipments from that windy unexpectedly ceased some time ago. Having some free time on their hands the party sets off to investigate.

After several days travel the party finds itself at an overgrown and apparently uninhabited Chateau. Investigation shows that the winery wAs infliltrated by cultists of the evil slime God. Defeating the slime gods zombie minions the party comes face to face with a wine-demon. Intoxicated by battle, the party defeats the demon and cleanses the winery of its remaining taint.

Having seen too many horrors Hawthorn elects to take over the abandoned Chateau and attempt to restore it to its former glory. His adventuring career over, Hawthorn subsequently achieves great heights in winemaking before meeting an untimely death by falling into the fermentation tank.
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I'm sure that's how Hawthorn would have wanted to go.