Kingdom Turn 18: Rova, 4711
Stability check succeeded. -1 Unrest.
Paid 0 BP Consumption.
Claimed Willowthorn and Shattershell.
Terrain improvements: Built mine and farm in Willowthorn. Built mine in Shattershell.
Settlement improvements: Upgrade Library in Shrikethorn Sage District to Academy (discount). Library in Shrikethorn Sage District (discount). Smithy in Shrikethorn Waterfront District (discount).
Withdraw 1 BP from treasury = 2000 gp/4 = 500 gp each. +1 Unrest.
55 BP taxes.
Kingdom event: none.
Ending: size 27, Control DC 52, 61 BP.

Kingdom Statistics and Map.
Session: Kingmaker Online Session 27 - Tuesday, Nov 24 2015 from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM
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