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Rise of the Runelords
November 1st, 2015
After looting the ogres and getting past the wall, the group had two tunnels to choose from; the mist filled one, or another tunnel that lead to a darker area. Reiner decided to lead the group through the mist-filled tunnel. About halfway through it, however, Vincent remembered a spell, and dispelled the mist, revealing the next intersection. To the left, the other entrance to the room where our Heroes fought the Lamia. To the right, the start of a hallway with furs lining the sides.

Vincent immediately was wary of the furs, and suggested that they be burned. After the party decided it would be a waste of resources, the started down the hall. After reaching a point, a ranseur burst through the walls, attacking Reiner. As the fur fell, Reiner caught a quick glimpse of a troll behind the wall, using a small slot in the wall to attack through. He warned the rest of the group, but it was too late for Malia and Valtyra, as they also received unexpected blows through the furs.

They had to act fast, and the only way to get through the mess was to get past the wall of furs and around the corner. Reiner, Malia, Valtyra, and Nevik all progressed as quickly as possible through the area. Vincent, Naolexa, Shalelu, and Philip all used Dimension Door to teleport through the hall and to a safe section. Philip quickly used his staff to move the stone wall to close off the tunnel that one of them was in. Nevik worked his way quickly to the other tunnel to deal with the threat there. After making quick work of him, Nevik discovered a treasure chest, which he gathered up and showed the party.

However, Philip had his gaze set on a statue that was on the wall of a three-eyed jackal. As he stared, he saw it twist and contort to look at him directly. It shouted "FOOLS!" While only Philip saw the statue moved, everyone heard the noise.
Session: The Jorgenfist Raid: Part 12 - Monday, Nov 02 2015 from 1:30 AM to 4:30 AM
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