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Rise of the Runelords
November 15th, 2015 and November 29th, 2015
This new room the heroes stood was of different nature then the hallway they were just in. The walls were of stone, the ceiling rose so high it disappeared into the darkness, and two massive columns stood on either side of a massive stone door adorned with a sihedron. The ground rumbled for a moment, as an oread rose from the floor near the door. The ogre king leaped down from the sky to meet the heroes toe to toe, while from behind two ogre barbarians followed in suit with wolves. Things were going to get sticky fast.

Yama went to approach the oread, but found himself quickly hindered by unseen complications on the floor. He backed himself up, and then leaped as far as he could towards the oread in attempts to bypass the unknown hindrance. He succeeded in landing close enough to her, and managed to wound her. Naolexa followed up with a spell to blind her, which caused her to preemtively use a spell against Yama. She grabbed a sapphire out of a particular pocket on her person, and unleashed a powerful cold spell that hit Yama hard. Despite being blind, she was still able to unleash the same spell afflicting her against Yama, as she blinded him as well. The two attempted to trade blows and spells, and also escape from each other as best as possible. The eventually found themselves relying on a column to rotate around, but Yama accidentally hit one of the columns hard with his daggers, causing a crack on his dagger.

Meanwhile, the others dealt with a heavy onslaught from the ogres. The Ogre King has summoned not only a floating battleaxe to swipe and pester Philip, and a succubus to deal with Vincent and Valtyra. The succubus succeeded in dominating Vincent's mind, as she then used his blade against Philip and his allies. He eventually got control of his mind, but not until some attacks had already occurred against his friends. Philip managed to get a polymorph spell off on the ogre king, which turned him into a harmless otter. Unfortunately, he was able to stave of the section of the magic that prevent him from losing his mental capacities, so now a otter king terrorized the heroes. He lost sight of what he was for a moment, as he rushed up to Naolexa to attempt a strike. This failed miserably, as he ended up not being used to his new limbs just yet, narrowly missing Naolexa.

They eventually were able to kill off the succubus, a wolf, and one of the barbarians when Naolexa found herself in trouble. She was pinned inbetween the now otter king, one of the barbarians, and the succubus. With no where to run, the barbarian crashed his greataxe against her. She fell to the ground for a moment, but something activated inside her as she was lifted up, and set on the ground as if she had not taken as much damage. When the otter king retreated to attempt to dispel the polymorph effect, Shalelu followed up with arrows that pelted the ogre that struck Naolexa down. This provided an opportunity for Naolexa to Dimension Door to escape, giving her a chance to heal. Philip followed as well, as he was bruised up by the ogre king's spiritual weapon and the attacks from Vincent.

The ogre king dispelled the polymorph effect, while the oread, Erdu, dispelled the blinding effect. Now able to see, Yama had disspeared completely from sight. She used the chance to heal a little bit, before attempting to dominate Dov, who had mysteriously appeared. This failed, and Dov encased her in a icy prison in retaliation.

The ogre king and the barbarians eventually fell, Erdu succumbed to the icy grasp of Dov's spell, and healing was distributed all around. The heroes looted what they could, and decided to camp in this large room for the night to rest and recover before proceeded. Using the staff again, Philip sealed off the way they came from to prevent any surprises from behind them. They intended to use Naolexa's and Dov's magical items to keep the amount of sleep needed to a minimum, so they would not tarry in this task any further.

Before them, the Sihedron Door still remained closed, but what lie behind it's doors? Knowledge? Death? Answers?
Session: The Jorgenfist Raid: Part 14 - Sunday, Nov 29 2015 from 8:30 PM to 11:30 PM
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