The fall of the Air Temple and the loss of Adamus
Alas, another hero and brother lost to foul elemtalists and their nasty creatures. Once again we went in strong and hot into the final throneroom in the air elementalists, and once again we were expected and planned for. lounging on her throne lie a foul deceptionist who tried to lull us to her side with lies and false promises, hah!, i was not letting her continure her web of vileness and took out one of her petty followers with one shot from my bow. Ouch, her reply was anything but painful, 5 nasty daggars bit at me and then she dropped me with a nasty bolt which dropped me donw. i was told adamus healed me (thank goodness) and than ran, leaving us to our fate. luckily for us he had healed me because it took all of our resources to bring down the foul winged creature with her nasty spear. Adamus met his fate aways from us by the same invisible creature that later came back and tried to finish us off. hurt as we were, it almost succeeded. but being one with the shadows myself, i had ways of finding him in the shadows. the loot was great but it was a bitter pill when we came across the body of beaten and dead Adamus. so i bring him along to incurr him with our Growing graveyard of dead heroes who have fallen defending our valley and spire. we cleared the rest of the temple of villians, except for a couple fanatics who almost tricked Me into being eaten by a giant lurking Rug with teeth that trided to suck off my face. we will rest for a night, see if the loot in the river bed can be taken from the stone stature and then we head home with many of our people (who we freed from slavery) We will also be back to take care of the evil aerie above us that still blockades ourselves and our people from leaveing the valley. But for now we rest a bit and take comfort in knowing we have hurt elementalists today and Adamuses efforts will always be reembered, especially by me.
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