Kingdom Turn 19: Lamashan, 4711
Stability check succeeded. -1 Unrest.
Paid 0 BP Consumption. 1 BP excess Consumption stored in Shrikethorn granary.
Claimed Skunkmarsh, Wildstripe Wood, Bokken.
Terrain improvements: Built sawmill in Skunkmarsh. Built sawmill in Wildstripe Wood. Built Farm in Bokken. Built road in Radish Patch. Built road in Leveton.
Settlement improvements: Begin clearing for new settlement district (Market District) in Shrikethorn (complete next turn). Upgrade Academy in Shrikethorn Sage District to University. Graveyard in Shrikethorn Castle District. Tannery in Shrikethorn Waterfront District.
Change Spymaster bonus from Loyalty to Stability.
Withdraw 1 BP from treasury = 2000 gp/4 = 500 gp each. +1 Unrest.
56 BP taxes.
Kingdom event: squatters and monster attack. Squatters resolved with Stability check. Monster attack resolved with Stability check.
Ending: size 30, Control DC 56, 63 BP.

Kingdom Statistics and Map.
Session: Kingmaker Online Session 27 - Tuesday, Nov 24 2015 from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM
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