Kingdom Turn 33: Kuthona 4712
Merry Winter Week!

Ganelin celebrates Winter Week by giving gifts to the rest of the Circle.

To Yamaraja, he gives a small piece of paper, intricately folded in the shape of a beetle. "Fold this just so, and it will multiply into a swarm of such beetles to attack your enemies. Carefully! The swarm will attack friend and foe alike." (origami swarm)

To Greyfeather, he gives a single feather. "Throw this in the air, and it will become a bird to carry your word wherever you desire." (feather token, bird)

To Margravine Issa, he gives a magnificent portrait of her enthroned, attended by the Circle. "Our images in the portrait move and respond when addressed." (animated portrait)

The animated portrait can say the following phrases:
"Issa, Queen of the Greenmark."
"Ganelin Farseer."
"Yamaraja Dharmapala, Marshal of the Greenmark."
"Greyfeather, High Priest of Erastil."
"The first gift you ever receive is your family. A man grows from the seeds his parents plant."
"Hard work in a field shows strength of body and character."
"A man who chases two rabbits catches none."
"Sometimes it's not the wealth you have, but what's inside you that others need."
"We, the Circle of the Acorn, founded the realm of the Greenmark in the year four thousand, seven hundred ten."
"May Erastil bless the Greenmark with wisdom, law, and prosperity."

Stability check succeeded. -1 Unrest.
Paid 0 BP Consumption.
No hex claims.
Terrain improvements: Road with bridges in Shattershell. Road in Lonelands. Watchtower in Tiger Cairn.
Settlement improvements: Hospital in Shrikethorn Sage District. Park in Shrikethorn Sage District. Shrine (Sarenrae) in Shrikethorn Sage District. Monument in Shrikethorn Castle District. City Wall in Shrikethorn Merchant District. House in Leveton.
Armies: no action.
Withdraw 1 BP = 2000 gp. Withdraw 1 BP = 2000 gp, split 4 ways is 500 gp for each of us. +1 Unrest.
91 BP taxes.
Kingdom event: none.
Ending: size 49, Control DC 77, 113 BP.

Kingdom Statistics and Map.
Session: Game Session 30 Online - Monday, Jan 18 2016 from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM
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