Kingdom Turn 34: Abadius 4713
Happy New Year! An unusually mild winter allows for an extra harvest of wheat and more commerce during the winter months than would otherwise be possible, bringing both material bounty and good cheer.

Stability check succeeded. -1 Unrest.
Paid 0 BP Consumption.
No hex claims.
Terrain improvements: none.
Settlement improvements: Monastery in Shrikethorn Sage District. Foreign Quarter in Shrikethorn Market District. Magic Shop (discounted) in Shrikethorn Market District. Herbalist in Shrikethorn Market District. Granary in Marsby. House in Temple of the Elk.
Armies: no action.
Withdraw 1 BP = 2000 gp. Withdraw 1 BP = 2000 gp, split 4 ways is 500 gp for each of us. +1 Unrest.
88 BP taxes.
Kingdom event: Good Weather and Natural Blessing.
Ending: size 49, Control DC 77, 99 BP.

Kingdom Statistics and Map.
Session: Game Session 30 Online - Monday, Jan 18 2016 from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM
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