Kingdom Turn 40: Erastus 4713
May your bow sing true this Archerfeast!

Stability check failed. +1 Unrest.
Paid 3 BP Consumption from Marsby granary.
Royal Enforcer reduced Unrest. Loyalty check succeeded.
No hex claims.
Terrain improvements: none.
Settlement improvements: Stockyard in Marsby. House in Marsby. Stable (discounted) in Marsby. Sewer System in Shrikethorn Sage District. Park in Leveton. Library in Leveton. Shrine (Erastil) in Leveton. Graveyard in Leveton. Exotic Artisan (discounted) in Leveton. Mansion (discounted) in Leveton. Tannery in Leveton.
Armies: no action.
Trade edict: raw materials route from Shrikethorn to Caliphas, Ustalav. Ordinary success. 5 BP invested. 14 BP returned.
Withdraw 1 BP = 2000 gp, split 4 ways is 500 gp for each of us. +1 Unrest.
105 BP taxes.
Kingdom event: Discovery.
Ending: size 55, Control DC 83, 130 BP.

Kingdom Statistics and Map.
Session: Game Session 31 Online - Monday, Jan 25 2016 from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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