The Call of the Black Sword
Our exploration of the frozen castle took us to a dining room where tiny fae offered up food and drink, and more than a few of my companions decided to stop and indulge their appetites. While I am certainly open to indulgence, apparently they didn't realize the danger of accepting food from faeries without question! Storm was at least wise enough to continue scouting with me, and the rest of my friends were lucky enough to get nothing more than the meal they bargained for.

It almost turned out to be our last meal. The great double doors we had found led into a truly massive throne room where a woman in winter finery sat atop an icy throne. She was no woman though - I could tell that right off. This was the dragon. That's not to say she wasn't attractive in her human guise, and under other circumstances I certainly would have made certain...propositions...

When they go from this...

But dragons are generally on my list of creatures to avoid having intimate relations with. Really, any creature that can eat you without compunctions after sharing their bed is just right out. Even the thri-kreen queen was not that cold-blooded. At least with non-insect humanoids. And really, we never consummated any sort of intimate relationship. Just some scented oils and massage. Amazing how shiny her exoskeleton got...but I digress. The dragon was a big no from this tiefling! Besides, she was interested in Ziggy Tightpants! That shows a singular lack of taste in my humble opinion, choosing a waifish bard over a manly specimen such as myself! The insult could not stand. this, sexy fun time is over.

So we began to fight in earnest. I made sure to steer clear, letting Dozer take most of the hits while I unleashed blasts of hellfire. Hurling half a dozen bolts at once, I managed to burn her again and again. The death blossom, I call it. I finished her once and for all with twin lances of hellfire-infused force, burning her eyes out of her skull. I would have called it a waste, but dragons are just too dangerous to keep around. Besides...TREASURE!

Among all the gold, the jewels, and the obscene wealth was something far more precious. I could practically hear it calling me: Ebonwraith. It was a khopesh, black as night, dotted with stars. I could feel its malign intelligence, its hunger. And I knew that it was mine! The blade may be evil. Some consider me evil, based on my heritage and my choices. But I know that it can be bent to my will. The black blade is mine...

Time for some fun!
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Your precious, I understand. Gain an inspiration, to a maximum of five, and a Mote of Power. You can use this Mote as a reaction to force an opponent to make a save with Disadvantage, to make a save with Advantage, to gain Advantage on an attack roll, or to deal and extra 25 damage on an attack.