Guess what? Legion! And a crazy guy/robot/thing.
After clearing out the dragon, and marveling in the treasure they 'acquired', the group finished clearing out their new castle. The dungeons will stocked with undead, as usual. After taking care of their unwanted boarders, Silas found something. He found a hidden hallway leading to a hidden room where a skeleton in a crystal casket connect to strange clockwork limbs was talking to a dead body on a slab in front of him.

"Now my friend, we'll get you fixed up right, yes we will," it said in a strangely lilting, happy voice.

Melech, maybe because he was a sold of kindred spirit, maybe because he was just as nuts, was able to distract him by talking about his clockwork creations while they all moved in the room and prepared to strike. It was over relatively quickly, though the reliquary blasted the group with powerful spells, they were able to overcome.

They had several days of peace at the castle before they spotted red sails in the distance. Because Melech can't let them have nice things Silas and Shava quickly picked out the flags of the Order of the Ebon Chalice.

A smaller ship came to the side of the island where the PCs had originally landed but despite a significant landing force the group casually destroyed them to a man, and the ship they can from too just for good measure.

The remaining ships forced their way into the harbor, triggering the ancient wards guarding the place. Elementals, such as water wierds and ice myrmidons, and golems and other bound servitors met the onrushing Legion. After clearing out a group the broke through the defenses they spotted a massive hald-demonhalf-ogre. Melech recognized him as Nethanel, Lord Admiral of the 3rd Legion. With him were several deamon and a pair of hell hounds, as well as a fiendish woman with purple flames in her eye sockets. Cyndain, Daughter of Abbadon. They say she has her father's eyes...

A tough fight ensured, with Nethanel tearing into the parts, his massive blade light as a razor in his oversize hands, pounding left and right. Cyndain, aloof and cruel, used her formidable magic to bring ruin and chaos to the group. It was a tough fight with the PCs barely coming out on top in the end. Melech, using his new blade, Ebonwraith, was able to rip off a chunk of Cyndain's soul before she escaped, greatly weakening her. With their commanders dead the Legionnaires moral broke and the defenses of the fey castle quickly overwhelmed and destroyed them.
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