More Blood Spilled From the Chalice
Now that we have a moment to rest, I am glad we cleared out the dungeons beneath the castle. The fey here were up to some strange stuff, if the walking crystal casket we ran into was any indication. This strange apparatus had a dead, moldering body at it's heart, and whoever, they were as crazy as a pet kobold. Apparently, it decided that it could make immortal slaves or companions or whatever by hacking up bodies and replacing them with pieces of artifice, mechanical devices no doubt animated by magic. Probably a good thing I cracked the crystal and burned the body inside. I am afraid we will never get the stink of dead bodies and oil out of the dungeon, though...

WHAT...THE...FUCK. This thing was cuckoo for cocoa puffs!

A few days later, and who shows up but the Ebon Chalice. No doubt they had learned of our plans and location, and came in force to try and eliminate us. Well, this was our island now, and we made sure they had a far less friendly landing. Some of the ancient magic scrolls we found in the castle came in handy, especially when I dropped a storm of meteors on one group, collapsed the cliff they came up, and sank their ship in a hail of fiery death. It was pretty satisfying.


So was the battle against that stupid brute Nethanel and the bitch Cyndain. She may be Abaddon's daughter, but I'm the blood of fucking Levistus, and blood will tell. I sent what was left of her screaming back to Hell, and was glad to see her go. I figure I will have to look her up some day, and finish our little encounter. Ha!
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